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Consulting Rosarians of the Utah Rose Society
...ask them a question...

The American Rose Society provides the 'Ask A Rosarian' program where local members with great experience and knowledge of roses are tested and certified in order to be able to give accurate and knowledgeable advice to anyone who is interested in growing or showing roses.

These volunteers are willing and able to answer your rose questions. All you have to do is ask them. They are friendly and willing to share in the world they love, and the one they hope you will grow to love as well.

The Consultaing Rosarian program was started by the American Rose Society to insure to provide the public with current information on rose growing. Each Consulting Rosaian (CR) has been trained and taken a test to certify that they are aware with up to date information on growing roses. Each CR must attend a seminar on current rose growing practices every three years.

The CR has pledged to help the public and provide information. If needed a CR will even visit someone's garden to assist in diagnosing rose problems. Do not hesitate in calling and asking for help. Like in any field different CR's have different specialties and depending on your problem you may be refered to a different CR.

Ask a Rosarian! .........Here:

1408 Emerson Avenue
SLC, UT 84105
Phone: 484-1156
e-mail: elisehut1@aol.com

766 North 5000 West
West Point, UT 84105
Phone: 825-4080
e-mail: jerryoyo@msn.com

460 East Spring Creek Dr.
Bountiful, UT 84019
Phone: 298-7567
e-mail: smeyer@burgoyne.com

Got Any Questions about how to join or about the Utah Rose Society in general?

Just go ahead and call Elise Hutchings at: 801-484-1156 or
send an e-mail to:Elise Hutchings

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