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A Collection Of Some Of the Best Rose Resources On The Web
Compiled by Bob Bauer

  • The American Rose Society The Mother of All Rose Sites. Lots of information, but somewhat hard to find what you want. It could use a facelift.
  • GardenWeb Forums Run by GardenWeb, There are several forums here devoted to roses and rose pictures.
  • Old Garden Roses And BeyondPaul Barden's rose site, one of the bes out there. Rose pictures and information galore!
  • Old Rose History and Synopsis Brent Dickerson's overview of the world of roses..A Must Read!
  • The Buck Rose Web Site What is a Buck Rose? Who was Griffith Buck? Find out here.
  • Bugs and Roses Home Page Baldo Villegas guides you through your pest nightmares.
  • Jack Christensen's Roses Famous hybridizer Jack Christensen's site with plenty of rose information plus insider info on his own varieties. And a Bio.
  • Brent Dickerson's Old Rosepage Old Rose expert and Author Brent Dickersons site. With lots of rose information and links to purchasing his books.
  • RoseShow.com Well known rose expert Bob Martin has produced the ultimate place to learn about showing and growing roses for competition. A must for those interested in showing their roses.
    The Best Of The Best
  • Just Our Rose Pictures
    No just about it. Susan and Regina have created one of the best rose photo places on the web. Period. Great photos!

  • World Federation Of Rose Societies The organization of organizations. It is all a big heirarchy doncha know....
  • American Rose Society The biggest and the bestest.
  • Royal National Rose Society Stiff upper lip old boy... there you go.
  • National Rose Society of New Zealand Hey, Sam McGredy IV lives here. Rose nirvana.


    Larger Providers
  • Edmunds Roses Predictably Good Healthy Plants Here.
  • Hortico Gardens Large Canadian Grower lots of Roses and other plants at reasonable prices.
  • Pickering Nurseries Ltd. Well known and established Canadian rose grower. Great variety list with many OGRs and unusual varieties. Small plants, but healthy and will grow well.
  • Armstrong Garden Centers Large California Nursery chain specializing in roses, with many of their own unusual varieties.
  • Peter Beales Classic Roses Large British Grower with 1100 varieties. US buyers may need Agricultural Permit.
  • Week's Roses in the U.S.A. The number one grower in the U.S. Many good varieties produced here.
  • Kordes Roses in Germany Sorry, you can't buy these directly here if you live in the USA, but you can in Europe!
  • Meilland Roses in France Great roses created here every year. If you want to look at their varieties, they call them 'Rose Trees'. Home of the 'Romantica' rose
  • Harkness Roses in the U.K. One of the Great Rose Breeders main homepages.
  • David Austin Roses in the U.K. Pick a flag, choose your country. These guys have got their act together. Home of the 'English' rose.
  • Guillot Roses in France Long History of producing great rose varieties. Home of the 'Generosa' rose.
  • Poulsen Roser in Denmark Danish Rose company that specializes in miniature roses.
  • Dickson Roses in Northern Ireland Well known long time rose breeding family with a good sense of humor.
  • Tantau RoseWorld in Germany Number two hybridizer in Germany. Creater of many great varieties.
  • Star Roses Major Wholesale Provider and Importer of Roses with lots of good info on the site.

  • Smaller Providers
  • Regan Nursery A Fremont,California grower that specializes in Roses. BIG selection. Mail Order only November Through January. Walk in all year.
  • Spring Valley Roses Modern Shrubs and Rugosas as well as many Old Garden Rose varieties. Winter hardy varieties too. All grown on their own roots.
  • Wisconsin Roses A small selection and some odd varieties. Maiden bareroot plants.
  • Nelson Roses Wholesale Florida rose grower with fortuniana root stock.
  • Witherspoon Rose Culture Not a huge variety or a lot of photos, but very good descriptions.
  • Sam Kedem Nursery Garden'Town and Country Roses' Minnesota rose nursery with big variety and lots of minis. Hardy weather and some odd rare varieties available.
  • The Uncommon Rose Good for Unusual OGR and Othere Roses
  • Garden Valley Ranch Rose Plants, cut roses, weddings and other garden goods.
  • Palatine Roses Source for bareroots in season.
  • Rose Petals Nursery Source for Old Garden and Antique style roses.
  • .

  • Old Rose Specialty Nurseries
  • The Friends Of Vintage Roses An organization dedicated to preserving roses for posterity. Good People.
  • High Country Roses Utah grower specializing in Old Garden, Hardy, Shrub and Species Roses grown on their own roots. Plus a bunch of good information.
  • The Antique Rose Emporium Old Garden and found varieties in profusion.
  • Roses Unlimited South Carolina grower that offers a great variety of roses on their "own" roots. Not grafted.
  • Chamblees Rose Nursery Tyler Texas grower with over 200 varieties. Mostly antique and miniature varieties.
  • Amity Heritage Roses Own root supplier located on the Northern California coast. OGR and modern varieties available.
  • Heirloom Roses Lots of interesting and hard to find stuff on its own roots.

  • General Flower Nurseries With Roses
  • Wayside Gardens Big catalog nursery with many rose varieties. Some which can only be found here.
  • White Flower FarmBig nursery that has been doing roses for a long time. .

  • Miniature Rose Nurseries
  • Many great varieties of their own hybridizing program and The Best of the rest. Great service and friendly people. A great place to buy minis.
  • Chamblee's Mini Rose Collection
  • Rose Meadow Nursery Miniature RosesThe last of the miniature rose nurseries that I can find out there.
  • The Heather Farm Classis Miniature Roses.
  • Regan Nursery Mini Rose Collectionquite a large collection of minis here
  • Mountain Valley Growers Certified Organic Roses.
  • Sperling Nursery Small selection of recent varieties here.
  • Louie's Nursery About a dozen mini varieties here.
  • John's Miniature RosesPart of Heirloom nurseries including varieties hybridized by John Clements.

  • Nurseries With Hybridizing Programs

    The only one I know of is Weeks Roses at the moment. Do you know of any others?

    Wholesale Nurseries
  • J. C. Bakker Nurseries Ontario, Canada Wholesale Grower

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