Which Varieties Should I Choose?
So you are sitting there thinking: "OK, so there are 16,000 varieties of roses in commerce. I only need 5!. How in the world do I figure this one out?!?"
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by Bob Bauer
Order Some Catalogues
A really good place to start your research is with rose catalogues. These are put out by mail order nurseries. They generally have beautiful color photographs and descriptions. It is a great fun thing to sit around in the dead of winter in the evening and decide which roses look like they will fulfill your gardening fantasies. Don't forget that any mistakes you make are not permanent. You can always replace the plants next year.

Some of the catalogues to start with are: (1) Jackson and Perkins (2) Edmunds Roses (3) Arenna Roses (4) David Austin Roses (5) Pickering Nurseries Ltd. (6) Heirloom Roses (7) Nor'East Miniature Roses (8) The Antique Rose Emporium and (9) Wayside Gardens - Roses. A really great catalogue without photos, but with decriptions and some drawings of MANY MANY older and rarer varieties is (10) Vintage Gardens
Be advised that several of these suppliers charge for their catalogues, but especially in the case of Vintage and Heirloom, the catalogues are well worth the price.
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Buy Some Rose Books
I'm tellin' ya. Get up from in front of the TV and go to the nearest bookstore. Today! What's stopping you? Head over to the gardening section and start looking for books on roses and rose gardening. I can promise you that there are a LOT of them, and almost every one of them has a 'catalogue' section that describes the author's favorite varieties in detail with pictures. If you are seriously disturbed, you can go right to the mother ship of rose books: Botanica's Roses. Thousands of rose pictures and descriptions. But beware, you will get confused easily with this book because there are so MANY great varieties listed that you won't know what to get. I think that the best beginner's reference out there by far is Ortho's Complete Guide To Enjoying Roses, which is available just about everywhere. I would stay away from Roses For Dummies, as it isn't that good, but that is just my opinion. In any case, just pick up a book or two that pushes your buttons and you will be fine. Start looking here at Amazon dot com.
Also Called 'Austrian Copper'
'Rosa foetida bicolor'
Talk To Your Local Rose Society
I should have listed this one first. This will be your best source for a list of varieties that do well in your climate and area. How do you find them? Check out the American Rose Society Site Look for their list of local rose societies. The people who populate these societies are usually very friendly and willing to talk endlessly about their favorite subject: ROSES!
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Go Visit A Public Rose Garden
Most cities of any size have at least one place where there is a public rose garden of some sort. Some areas are lucky enough to have gigantic collections that are literally mind boggling. But even in the smallest of these public gardens, you can find roses that you both like and that grow well in your area. Next time you travel to an area with a major public rose garden, take a few hours and check one out. You will not regret it. These places can be quite inspiring.
Get Onto The Internet
There are hundreds of rose gardeners around the world who have decided to put pictures and descriptions of their roses on the Web. Just Start searching and surfing and you will start to find some similarities in the roses people love. Go to The Google Search Engine and enter the term 'home rose garden', and see where you get to. Pay particular attention to the climate that the gardener is working in. You can find Bob's List of Great Rose Sites right here on this website. Never forget that roses are very variable in their response to different climates. Some varieties will die in cold climates. Others will not produce blooms in hot ones. Some love dry climates. Some love humidity. You have got to do some research in order to not be disappointed down the road.

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