How To: All About Rose Growing

Bare Root Or Potted Plant?
The Pros and Cons
Gardening Philosophy. Which should I consider?
Huge Petas, Big Blooms
Planning - Think before you dig.
An Ounce Of Prevention.....
How Big? How Much Light? What Color? Where's the Water?
Don't Know Nuthin' About This Rose.... heh heh
Deadheading and Summer Pruning
Here Are The Techniques
No, the ghost of Jerry Garcia is not involved here. We're talking about making your roses bloom more during the season.
Super Bright Coloration
'Rio Samba'
Good And Bad Rose Sources
All Rose Bushes Are Not Created Equal
Mass Market Roses, Specialty Nurseries, Local specialty Nurseries or your neighbor. What's What?

Preparing The Soil
Don't Neglect This Step!!!

Learn How To Do It Right....Here.
This is the single most important step you can take for the long term health of your Rose.
Fertilize Those Puppies!
Suggestions of What To Do.
The right fertilizer will make your roses thrive. The wrong combo and they won't bloom much or even die...
How Much Should You Pay?
Don't Pay More Than You Have To.
Rose Prices are all over the map. From as cheap as 2 dollars U.S. or less, to as much as 50 dollars or more. HOWEVER: You should know that you can get great plants at reasonable prices if you know the score.

Hole Digging, Planting and Watering In
A Good Rose Home Leads To Good Roses
The Nuts and Bolts of Sticking It Into The Ground.
Wintering Over. How To Put Your Roses To Bed.
Protecting The Innocent
Not Everybody has to worry about this, but if YOU do, these simple steps will prevent your having to repurchase your favorite rose that didn't quite make it through the winter.
Choosing Your Varieties
Finding The Right Rose For YOU
There are a ton of resources available to you out there. All you need is to do a little research. Find out where to look here.

Rose Tools: The Basics
Invest in some of These:
Hand Pruners (secateurs), a good Shovel, Gloves, A Watering Wand, Kneelers. You can go the expensive or the cheap root, but make sure you have the basics.
Spring Pruning - Waking Up Your Rose.
Here Are The Techniques You Need
This is the time you want to do your major pruning for modern roses that bloom on new wood. Don't prune in the fall, roses need the extra cane energy to winter over more successfully.

Transplanting Your Roses
Moving And Transplanting Mature Rose Bushes
How To Move Your Mature Rose Bushes Without Killing Them

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