What Do Roses Cost?
There is quite a range of prices and qualities. Choose The One That Is Right For You. (All prices are in US dollars.)
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by Bob Bauer
Mass Market Roses
We are talking here about national brand garden centers, home centers and department stores here. Places like Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, Fred Meyer, etc. etc. There are many stores, but they all tend to get their roses from the same sources.

At the beginning of the sales season in January or February you will start to see the bagged bare root, or boxed bare root roses show up at these places. There are almost always two sets of pricing for these roses: The patented varieties and The older varieties that are past the patent period. The patented varieties will be 2 to 6 dollars more depending on the deal that the wholesaler has with the patent holder.

Bagged bare root roses at this time and source will range from as cheap as $1.49 to $9 for non patented grade #1 1/2 or 2 varieties. With a median of around $4. The grade #1 varieties will be in the range of $4 to $12 The patented varieties will have a range from $5 to $12 with a median of about $8. Roses on a standard (tree roses) will start at as cheap as $13 and go up to about $36

Later in the season, depending on your climate and region, potted, leafed-out or blooming roses will start to appear. I have seen these as cheap as $4 to $6 dollars for 1 1/2 grade potted plants. Some of these are even patented varieties, and I can't for the life of me figure out how they can possibly make much of a profit on these at the retail level. The prices go up from there to a median of $10 to $17 for potted grade #1 patented varieties, to a high of $35 to $40. If you are buying the $40 dollar varieties, you are paying too much. You can do better elsewhere. Potted roses on standards (tree roses) will characteristically range from about $20 to as high as $80 depending on the size and quality (and profit margin... (grin).
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Your Local Nursery

Your local nursery is a step up from the home centers. Usually they will have much better quality plants and more of a knowledgeable staff. And sometimes they will have warranties and money back guarantees. They are also more likely not to have insect pests and rose diseases brought into your garden from elsewhere. For this you are going to pay more. The bagged bare root roses you run into here will mostly be the same as the garden centers, except more expensive, so avoid them here. The potted rose plants, however are usually potted right in the nursery so they have some quality control available to them. Local nurseries are all over the map in caring and quality, so you will have to do some research about your local scene. Once you find the 'Green Thumb' nursery in your area, you will really start to notice how much better things can get.

Potted nursery roses will range in price from about $13 to about $35, with a median of about $17 to $20. If you are paying over $25, you are generally paying too much. You can do better elsewhere.

Standard Roses (tree roses) will generally be quite expensive at your local nursery. Starting at about $25 at the very low end and going up to as much as $100 or more depending on the size. A median price will be about $35 to $40.
A once bloomer, but a great one.
'Apple Blossom'
Mail Order Rose Nurseries

For those who want a greater selection, this is the place to buy. The number or varieties available by mail order is MUCH MUCH greater than those available locally. The economics of The business allow even small specialty nurseries to compete. there are many suppliers who truly love what they do and have a mission of saving many of the older varieties. Many of these nurseries offer roses grown on their own roots or on specific regional root stock. Most of these suppliers sell bare root rose plants. The prices will range from a low of $8 to a high of about $25 to $35. The median is around $12 to $18. That seems to be the price point that most people shoot for.

Miniature varieties are quite a bit less expensive and are almost always sold as own root plants in small pots. Most miniatures are in the range of $5 to $9. With a median of $6 to $6.50.
Potted roses are also sold by some nurseries, but in general these are own root roses in small pots. It costs a lot of money, but some mail order nurseries will ship full sized plants in pots to you. In general, the shipping tends to be as much or more than the price of the plant in some cases.

Don't forget that unless there is a special sale, you must include shipping and handling into the price. This usually adds a few bucks to the price of each rose.

Canadian growers such as Pickering and Hortico tend to have varities that are a bit less expensive. Even considering the fact that they both pull the same annoying scam of charging US customers in US dollars even though their catalogue is printed with Canadian dollar values. So much for NAFTA. (grin)

One thing to pay attention to: Some of these mail order suppliers are selling 1 year old 'maiden' plants that are considerably smaller than the 2 year old plants that are common in the rest of the industry. This means that these plants will take an extra year to reach maturity and get to a decent size.
A One Of A Kind - Smells like cinnamon.
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